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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 2, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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looking a the video and just wonder. >> disbelief. >> and a parent who says we just have to accept it, no you don't. >> i have a child, i don't just accept anything. >> we have to accept your forecast. >> the weather does what it does. can't control that but we can tell you about that. if we could control it a we would make it rain more because we are in growing drought conditions and b, we'd keep temperatures like this all the time. storms near atlanta this morning and that's it. it is nice an quiet and delightful out there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we are going to get highs in the low 80s. it will be beautiful. the heat will build. 5:00 a.m. patranya bhoolsuwan has the latest on the traffic information. >> thank you, howard. good morning, everybody. happy friday to you. start off with graphics. as you can see we have some road closures in dc to tell you about. this is first street between
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independence and constitution. it will be shut down for the 4th of july celebrations throughout the weekend until 4:00 a.m. on tuesday and on pennsylvania and maryland between first and third street. that's going to be closed down as well. watch for that for dc starting today throughout the weekend and until tuesday. switch over and see what we have next on the roadways. as we move on to 395 right now. northbound, southbound looking good. a little more traffic as we approach after 5:00 in the morning. construction is all clear from overnight. move on to see how things are looking on 95 southbound. right now it looks okay. you may be seeing some delays on the micking bowl but construction is clear, as well. andrea, back to you. it is shaping up to be a hot and dry 4th of july weekend for 2 million of us. the washington suburban sanitary commission has mandatory water restrictions on customers whose crews worked to repair a huge water main that's on the brink of failing.
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kristin fisher is live in potomac with the latest. >> reporter: crews here have been working around the clock to get this water main repaired. but it is likely going to be at least three -- three more days before it is fixed. you can see the crews working and will be working throughout the weekend and for customers afced it will have an impact on your holiday plans. this could be so much worse. remember what happened a year and a half ago on river road? wssc had no warning before a main two-thirds so this size burst gushing 150,000-gallons of water a minute, sweeping car and forcing rescues by air. over the last few years, they have been installing miles of fiber optic cable to listen for the sounds of wire snapping inside the pipes. yesterday the cable in this pipe in potomac picked up seven
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loud snaps and that's a sure sign the pipe is close to failing. >> this fiber optic cable was not installed in river road. so we didn't have any early warning signs the pipe would break. we did today. >> reporter: this pipe is massive. it stretches from i-270 to river road road down tuckerman lane. six mile long, eight feet in diameter and carrying 12 million-gallons of water and now crews have to dig up a 16- foot section of it and replace it. until the repair is complete everyone in prince georges and montgomery county is under orders to cut water use by a third. that means for outdoor use, to washing the caring or filling the pools for 4th of july barbecues. that's completely off limits this weekend. indoor use is asked. you are asked to curb down on flushing your toilet, doing laundry loads. there this will have an impact throughout the weekend. we will have more at 5:30. a couple other communities
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had less serious problems on thursday. in southeast washington a water main break at 58th and southern avenue left 50 homes without water. crews worked well in to the night to complete repairs to the ruptured pipe. this water main break that closed king street in alexandria has been repaired. a stretch of streets between russell road was closed much of yesterday morning. parts of king street were damaged, but water service was not interrupted. station state police are linking the murder of morgan hairington to a 5-year-old rape days. the 20-year-old hairington disappeared last october while attending a metallica concert in charlottesville. her remains were found earlier this year. now investigators say forensic evidence links her murder to an unsolved rape in fairfax county. they are showing the sketch of the suspect based on a description from the rape victim. >> it is hard to say you are happy about such an obscene thing but we were in fact happy
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because the likelihood of us getting an arrest and a conviction increased astronomically. it's no longer merely a matter of testimony. it is hard evidence. >> reporter: police hope someone will recognize the suspect, even though he may have changed his appearance in the last five years. we could know more about yeardley love's murder case by next week. a judge ruled on thursday to unseal most of the search warrants in the investigation. love's boyfriend, hugh hugh is accused of beating her to death two weeks before she was to graduate from the university of virginia. two girls reported missing from the tysons corner area last month have been found. a family member is bringing tiffany ghani and tram hoang back from columbia, south carolina. after they were sighted there police found them on wednesday night. the case is under investigation.
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it is five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. good morning. >> good morning. it is all about jobs today. the reason is we have the june employment report coming out before the opening bell. this report expected to show a modest pickup of hiring and the unemployment rate is expected to edge higher to 9.8%. ahead of the numbers asian stocks were lower and on wall street, the dow stands at 9732 after dropping 4 -- pointer -- dropping 41 points. the s&p was off by three. toyota says it will recall 270,000 vehicles worldwide come next monday. the recalled vehicles include seven models of luxury lexus sedan than popular crown. a problem with the engine can make it stall out while it is still moving. expect fewer boomers this july 4th. cities and towns across the country were forced to pull the plug on fireworks shows because
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of budgets. but the fireworks industry is booming. two-thirds of revenue last year was for consumer fireworks so when times get tough, time to blow stuff up for some people. >> i hope they pay attention to the cpsc's warning of how dangerous that can be if you don't know what you are doing. help us save some money. >> we will help you save a little smarter to make the process less painful. a mall functionening refrigerator is believed to be the cause of a massive fire in frederick, maryland. the fire broke out on south carroll street. the owner of the building says he's bothered by the loss, not because of the materialistic value but because of the building's history. >> it was used as a warehouse during the civil war. and you know, the walls are 18- inch to two foot thick and just a beautiful building. it's just ashame to see it destroyed. >> reporter: there's no word if
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enough of the building survived the fire to be preserved for its historical value. this morning in annapolis, military life is underway for 1200 new recruits. >> welcome. >> about 1230 young men and women took their oath of office last night at the u.s. naval academy. thousands of family and friends looked on as they became members of the naval academy class of 2014. this group was chosen from among 17,400 applicants, a record for the academy. if you would like to celebrate the 4th with real patriotic spirits, how about george washington's whiskey? now the public has a chance to buy rye whiskey made from the same recipe washington used. the first public tasting was held on thursday in mount vernon. a george washington reenactor helped to kick off the event.
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>> it is a bit early in the day for me to envibe. however, distilleries work is never done [ laughter ] and so i will, before you have an opportunity to taste it, i will make sure it is fine and good for you and all of our guests. >> reporter: models are being sold for 7 -- bottles are sold for $85 a piece. the proceeds benefit mount vernon's education program. president obama's next push could be over immigration reform. that story is coming up. thanks to oughtscy osbourne, science has a chance to see why all the substance he used to put in his body didn't kill him. and just because everyone recognizes the suspect doesn't mean in four-footed intruder can be caught. nine after the hour. you are watching 9 news now.
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in the news now, the virginia suspects accused of spying for russia made their first appearances yesterday at the federal court in alexandria. other suspects were brought before judges in boston and new york. one new york suspect has been granted bail and house arrest. another suspect has admitted to using a false name and told investigators about his ties to russia. president obama says the immigration system is broken. in a speech at american university yesterday, the president announced he's pushing congress to pass immigration reform and create a way for illegal immigrants to become citizens. the president said other changes are also needed. he's been caught on tape but not by police officers. a moose has moved in to portland, maine. the young moose has been spotted in several neighborhoods. officers have monitored the animal but haven't been able to get close enough to capture it and move it to a less populated area. a few simple steps can help
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you avoid safety problems with your food this weekend. we will have more on that coming up. plus,, there's not much left of hurricane alex's power but the storm left behind plenty of water. only if we could tap in to that water. we have drought conditions that are growing. we will talk about that and the nice weather will not last that much longer them holiday weekend forecast just ahead when 9 news now returns. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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at least two people in mexico have died in flash flooding caused by hurricane alex. the storm dumped at least 16- inch of rain in southeast mexico. several cities there reported widespread street flooding. a few thousand people closest -- sorry, the coast road -- >> closest to the coast. >> closest to the coast rode out the storm in emergency shelters. >> thank you very much, howard. needed your assistance. my buddy howard is helping me. it is friday. >> what a great couple of days. it was horrible in june. 18 days of 90 plus. >> sounds like the big one coming. >> it is nice again today but
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back in the high heat by the 4th of july. >> appreciate today. >> relish it. take it in. the next three days with the forecast first, temperatures in the low 80s today. we stopped at 81 yesterday. it was so nice. a warmer day tomorrow but not humid. upper 80s to near 90 and in the 90s on the 4th of july. hot one. humidity level is not tooer terrible yet but that is coming in to next week. the forecast first this morning, sunny and cool. 50s and 60s out there. light and variable winds. this afternoon, sunny and just another awesome day. highs in the low 80s. north winds five to ten miles an hour. this will be the last comfortable night. the air has dried out in the 40s for the dew. 60s and muggy stuff. that is well south in to south carolina and across the deep
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south. generally you have to go along i-20 give or take 50 miles south of that, as well. we are looking a the high humidity that will be returning. readings in the 60s here. 50s, although bradford, pennsylvania just checked 39 degrees once again. they were in the 30s a couple of mornings ago. norfolk 69. national 65. dew point 47 with a northwesterly wind at six. we have generally clear skies out there and the barometer is rising at 30.26. caribou 68. look at the warmth in the middle of the country. bismarck 76. it is a sign once we get rid of the cool stuff this warmth will shoot back here and bring changes for us. pretty quiet across the country with showers in florida and along the gulf coast. some scattered showers across the rockies and the northwest where locally generally clear
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and nice. here's the beach and boating forecast. saturday and sunday, a lot of sunshine. waves a foot on the bay both days. temperatures 80s to near 90 on sunday and by the shore, what a great weekend on saturday in to the mid-80s. southwest winds at ten and sunday pushing 90 degrees with southwest winds. don't forget the sun screen. we warm up quite a bit. none the mid-90s for the 4th of july. mid-90s on monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday with a chance of an afternoon storm on wednesday and thursday. boy we need rain. don't see much coming. 5:18. hello, patranya bhoolsuwan. >> i like the sunshine. let keep it that way. especially today. it will be nice out there. a lot of people heading out of town. get through the commute on friday. better news on 495 in virginia. the accident on the inner loop at van doren has cleared off the roadways. delays are easing frommizen hower to the mixing bowl. on 66 in centreville from route 50 the beltway, no problems
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eastbound or westbound. that's looking good. on 270 in maryland for folks heading to work that way, jumping on 270 to the split looking good, as well. moving on to how things are looking on the maps. we are checking out 95 and bw parkway, clean and green between 695 and 495. no problems has you head though airport today. bw parkway looks good. inbound new york avenue in dc as we take a live shot of that. we have no problems. back on 66. inbound new york avenue no problems throughout the district. andrea, back to you. >> thank you. in the living well headlines, we start with some food safety reminders for those of you going to big cookouts this july 4th weekend. these are in the u.s. department of agriculture. first, clean surfaces for prepping and cooking and wash your hands before and after handling food. then separate. keep raw meats and poultry away from bro produce and cooked foods. when you cook use a food they
5:20 am
are momster instead of just judging by color. the temperature for steaks, roast and chops and fish is 140 degrees fahrenheit and for ground beef 160 degrees. an chill, perishable foods should not be left out more than two hours and just one hour if it is over 90 degrees and howard is predict took for our weekend. the prince of darkness admits he should have died from decades of abusing drugs and alcohol. now that he is sober and going stronger than ever he is curious. is there something special his dna? to find out he is having scientists map out his genetic code. aside from finding his antics they want to see why some people can beat the heck out of their livers and still keep ticking. the nationals find a dramatic way to send fans home happy. highlights coming up in sports. let's see who's celebrating a
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birthday this friday the 2nd. [ air blowing ]
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a paper it is a matchup that made me cringe a little bit. san fran and hernandez. last night it was him out dueling the ace of the mets. he had the best outing of the year an struck out seven and held the nats one run through seven. the nats didn't have any runs until morgan slaps this to left. a tie game at one which is how it remains until the bomb of the ninth. one out for zimmerman, the king of the walk offs and he does it again. harris scores on the walk off fly and nats are 6-3 against the mets this year and take it 2-1. a beautiful night at camden
5:25 am
yards and then the game started and it wasn't so beautiful anymore. at least not for the o's. patterson doing a full jig on that fly ball. two runs score on the gap. oakland rolls 8-1. birds head to boston. at&t national in philly. tiger birdied number one and had this from 61 feet on number five. short stick looking good. that's the birdie. tiger is two under early. this is weekly chipping from the throat on number 16. florida native getting the eagle but he was five over. tiger's finish wasn't as god as his start. a bogey and a double. he was throw over. four guys tied for the lead at four under including jason day. williams will get a shot at the wimbledon title. she advanced beating the czech. it was in the semis.
5:26 am
it happened 7-6, 6-2 and she will play this the final tomorrow. it would be her 13th grand slam title. no news on lebron yet but the wizards are pursuing two of their own free agents, josh howard and miller. howard came from dallas in the heyward butler trade. he tore his acl on this play and the wizards would like to get him back at the right price. have a great friday and a great weekend, everybody. there's even more good news about mortgage rates. that story is in our next "living $mart" segment. plus, the biggest ship to join the gulf cleanup effort is sitting idle because of bureaucratic issues. hundreds of thousands of residents must reduce their water usage this weekend. we will have a live update on the way. here's patranya bhoolsuwan with the rush hour forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we are flying over route 50.
5:27 am
right now westbound no problems from annapolis over to the beltway. we are heading east to get out of town. clear commute to the toll plaza. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back. can a smart phone reach the four corners of the earth ?
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welcome back to 9 news now. it is friday morning. patranya bhoolsuwan is here and is talking an traffic. and howard is here and he is talking about a change this the forecast. >> i have given up on the lawn. it is dormant until september or october, i have accepted it. brown and crunchy and i'm sticking with it. another great date but it will change. it will get back to july and back to the high heat we were dealing with a few days ago. it is so nice right now. high pressure moved in from canada. yesterday was canada day. we thank canada for this beautiful air mass it delivered to the region. a few thunderstorms in the
5:31 am
atlanta region this morning but the temperatures are in the upper 40s in cumberland and manassas, 66 downtown at national. on the bay, keeping you warm. you are 69. low 80s today. but heat builds over the weekend. it is 5:31. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. a new accident to tell you about if you are in the gaithersburg area. northbound approaching shady grove we have a crash blocking the right lane. that will be affecting the commute out of gaithersburg. watch for that. elsewhere in maryland move to the live camera. 495 between new hampshire and georgia. seeing clear commutes in both directions. no big problems there. waking up to a beautiful morning weather wise. 395 northbound and southbound, still looking good. finally on 95, this is we with see traffic throughout the morning and slow around fairfax county parkway but otherwise all of your travel lanes are open. it is 5:31. back to andrea. >> thank you.
5:32 am
the washington suburban sanitary commission has slapped mandatory restrictions on all customers just as the july 4th weekend gets underway. crews are working to repair a huge water main break on the brink of failing. kristin fisher is live in potomac, maryland with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. well, crews here have been working around the clock to repair this water main. you can see them hard at work just begin hind me. joining me is lynn riggens with wssc. thank you for being with us this morning. >> you are welcome. >> where exactly are we right now in regard to repairing the huge water mains? >> we made amazing progress overnight. our contract every did a tremendous job. we have exposed the entire 16- foot section of 96-inch pipe and we have cut off the top of one section of the concrete and exposed the wires and performed a continuity test on that and that's to verify the fiber optic cables did what they were supposed to do. they pinpointed the location where the integrity of the pipe
5:33 am
was cocompromised and those wires had indeed failed. so we verified that and we are, working to continue to drain the main. we started to do that yesterday morning. it is a very slow process to get the water out of the huge main and with cannot cut that connection section of pipe out t until it is drained. >> the good news is a much larger disaster averted. the bad news is 1.8 million wssc customers in prince georges and montgomery county need to curb their use of water. what specifically are the water restrictions that will be in place throughout the 4th of july weekend. >> the water restrictions are imper ty and we appreciate the full cooperation of everyone. we realize this is certainly an inconvenience over the holiday weekend but no outdoor watering. don't water the lawn or top off the pools. inside, please take shorter showers, don't run your dishwasher and washing machine unless it is fall full and if you can not flush your toilet every time we appreciate that. we need to cut water
5:34 am
consumption by a third while this water main is out of service. >> we will be back at 6:00. the reason the water restrictions are so important is because of fire dangers, especially this weekend. you have a lot of fireworks that people like to set off and very dry hot temperatures and they want to make sure there is enough water in the hydrants if firefighters in case a fire does break out. >> people will have to be careful. thank you. rescuers hope to prevent the memorial day tragedy when a mother and daughter drowned. it is illegal to enter the potomac river at great falls and they will issue tickets to violaters. today funeral services will be held for the 6-year-old girl who drowned last week in a dc
5:35 am
pool. ballard was pulled out of the bottom of the deep end at the turkey thick at the time death pool in northeast. it starts at 10:00 at the northeastern presbyterian church. the body of senator byrd is lying in repose at the west virginia state capital. byrd's casket arrived in charleston last night after lying in repose in the u.s. senate on thursday. later this morning many of byrds colleagues as well as president obama and vice president biden are expected to attend a memorial service in charleston. the 92-year-old died on monday morning. he was the longest serving senator in u.s. history. his funeral will be on tuesday in arlington before his burial at arlington national cemetery. the state of virginia's lawsuit, challenging federal health care reform is now in a judge's hands. both sides argued their cases eat this federal courthouse in richmond. the federal lawyer cited a commerce clause of the constitution saying without
5:36 am
reform millions of uninsured people cost the rest of us billions of dollars when they use the health system. virginia attorney general says congress is trying to invent a power it dunn have. >> what the federal government is doing in this case is unprecedented in an attempt to order americans in to commerce. ordering them to buy a product they do in the want. >> reporter: the judge says he needs 30 days to decide whether virginia's case has enough merit to move forward. time for "living $mart" report and jessica doyle has a look at the salaries inside the white house. >> the days can be long but the pay can be great and you can't beat the office, right? we are talking about working at the white house. they have released payroll numbers. 460 employees are paid a combined $39 million in salary. ranging from $21,000 for a part-
5:37 am
time staffer to $172,000 for 23 aides in that inner circle. that includes chief of staff rahm emmanuel and robert gibbs. the president froze the pay of top executives this year. it happened again. mortgage rates have fallen to an all-time low. freddie mac reports rates dropped to 4.58% from 4.69% last week. refinancing activities surged last week after that as well. it is time for the money- saving tip of the day. paying off the monthly credit card bill and loans can be painful but you can spin it in to a way to save. once you have paid off your balance, keep writing a check for the same amount but put it in your savings instead. since you have been doing it every month any way, you are not going to feel it. i plan to do this myself as soon as i get my kitchen paid off. >> yes. >> it is a good idea and a
5:38 am
simple way to keep in the habit. >> absolutely. he's been campaigning for a while now but today bob ehrlich makes it official. that story is coming up. plus if your plan to recline your car seat when you are not behind the wheel researchers say it is a dangerous move. problems are clear at 95 and now we have a new crash. this is southbound at newington as you can see delays are heavy approaching. watch for a if you are heading down south. we will have more on the accident and other things to watch out for this friday morning after the break. female announcer: from jennifer, for a limited time only, an incredible 12-piece living room for $599, with a sofa, chair, three tables, two lamps,
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and more. a 12-piece living room, just $599, only from jennifer. you don't have to spend a lot to have good taste.
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police in fairfax county spent part of the day passing out flyers asking for the public's help in finding clues about the death of vanessa pham. anyone with information is asked to call police.
5:41 am
police say now he's introduced mary kane as his running mate, bob ehrlich will formally file the papers to run for governor. it is scheduled to happen in annapolis. he is a favorite to win the republican nomination and challenge current governor o'malley in november. if you are traveling this holiday weekend, new research uncovers the dangers of a common practice during road trips. that story is coming up. plus, red tape is keeping the world's biggest super tanker from assisting with cleanup operations if the gulf of mexico. it is 5:41. here's howard. >> kind of cool out but by the week the heat will be coming back with a vengeance. we will have the full forecast. looking ahead to the 4th of july when 9 news now returns. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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you never know who you'll run into. get started at
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today could be the third straight day cleanup operations
5:45 am
are suspended in the gulf of mexico. even though hurricane alex has been downgraded to a depression, the leftover rain and rough seas have kept skimmer and other boats out of the gulf. closer to shore, alabama's governor toured marshes looking for signs of oil damage. an update on a story we reported earlier this week. after stopping in norfolk, virginia the world's largest super tanker made it to the gulf coast but it hasn't gotten the okay to start to help with the cleanup. reporter paul murphy explains. the ship is hard to miss. the taiwanese flag vessel appropriately dubbed a whale is 3 1/2 football fields long and ten stories high. the world's largest skimming vessel is anchored in the mississippi river in bootsville. >> it will be out there sucking up oil. >> while the ship maybe ready to work it has bureaucratic hurdles to jump and tests to pass before the coast guard allows it to join the fight in
5:46 am
the gulf. >> the owners made an offer to bring it down at their expense and have it operate in the area if we work with epa and other regulatory agencies. >> the ship was originally designed as the world's largest super tanker. it was modified after the b.p. explosion to scoop up 21 million-gallons of oily water a day. a series of vents on both sides of the bow soak in the polluted liquid. >> we will let it settle a little bit and must have like when you separate oil from gravy in the kitchen. >> reporter: according to the coast guard they are anxious to get on the super skimmer to see if it is an effective tool to pick up oil. like so many things the technology has never been tested in the open water in the gulf of mexico. the project coordinator for tmt, the taiwan-based shipping company that owns the vessel is
5:47 am
anxious to show people what the super skimmer can do. >> the only way we will find out is by putting the vessel down there and seeing what she can do. >> the oil is only suitable for that type of collection within a few miles of itself. that is when it is a good size slick. it is disaggregated after that. >> someone said, just think of all the oil we are picking up on the marsh could be in that vessel and i said you are right. instead we have people slopping in the rain, vacuum cleaners, they just don't get it still. >> reporter: if the coast guard okays the vessel the owner would have to work out a deal with b.p., which is paying for the cleanup. channel 4 eyewitness news. >> according to ship's owner, a whale skimming capacity is 250 times that of the fishing boats currently conducting skimming
5:48 am
operations in the gulf. howard is here with the latest on the forecast. it's amazing. just do it. >> yeah. >> ships in. whatever, i'm not going to get in to that. i'll get in trouble. let go with weather. we have been talking about the drought conditions. the drought conditions placed maryland in the moderate area. it is not good. fist we have moderate and then extreme and exceptional drought and then extreme drought. everyone has abnormally dry conditions but the moderate drought has been raised, southern maryland and the eastern shore. we will watch in the next few weeks because i think we will get worse before things improve. a great one today 82. warming up on saturday. upper 80s to near 90 and the 4th of july will be hot and
5:49 am
sunny. slim chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, 94. really rain chances stay low. sunny and cool this morning. cool if you will. 60s and 50s. light and variable on the winds. sun up 5:47. sunny, another awesome day, low 80s. north winds five to ten and tonight it will be clear and comfortable in the 50s and 60s but each night coming up we will be a little warm and warmer. 418 what the airport in manassas is reporting. 54 at the air park in montgomery county. frederick 52. low 50s for the shenandoah county. 69 at andrews. lou anne called in and said it is warm. 68 degrees. locally 51 reston. 54 great falls and laytonsville. 58 in laurel with 60 in columbia. 62 crofton. 59 andrews and arlington, as well. you have dropped in the 50s. national 66. a northeast wind at 7 miles an
5:50 am
hour. most areas really have winds fairly light this morning an we are dealing with a beautiful air mass. it has come down from canada. however, a lot of moisture to the south there. you see the remnants of alex in west texas. eventually the heat and the humidity that is down here will work toward us. unfortunately looks like we are hard pressed to see the rain from this stuff until the end of next week. yeah, the end of next week. seven-day forecast, dry and nice today, 82. near 90 tomorrow. here's the heat for the 4th of july 94. 95, 96, you know any of these days we go up to 98, 99 we wouldn't be out of the question but right now mid-90s slight chance of afternoon storms. >> thank you, howard. i love the weather today. this is definitely good news. on 95 right now things are looking a little better. northbound usual amount of volume heading on this side of the screen. southbound will be heavy due to an accident between rolling
5:51 am
road and fairfax county parkway. factor in extra time going through 95. moving to the inarea enouter loop of the capital beltway in virginia. no problems reported between the wilson bridge and american legion. good news there. maryland we have an accident in gaithersburg to tell you about. northbound approaching shady grove two 2:00 right lanes taken away. in dc, watching for road closures due to 4th of july celebrations. black to you. we have a commuter alert for those who are driving in virginia this weekend. the state's move over law changed yesterday. drivers have been required to slow down and if possible move over when they see a police car, fire truck or rescue squad stopped on the side of the road. now more public safety vehicles are covered urn the law. >> it is expanding to cover wreckers, the vdot safety service patroller and motorist
5:52 am
assist aids anything with a yellow, red or blue light on top of it. >> virginia state troopers are making special forces to enforce the law in connection with the hov crackdown. the next one is scheduled to happen on july 21st. it is something many of us do on a long road trip when we are not the one driving, reclining the passenger seat for a snooze or to stretch our legs. that's the subject of a health alert. it could result in serious injury or death. >> must be careful because the coffee is very hot. >> he knows it's a miracle he's here reading to his 3-year-old daughter. he still remembers when his consider you hit head on. >> i was in a coma for 2 1/2 months. i had heart, liver, kidney and lung failure. >> he lost both leg and nearly died. he was wearing a seat belt and reclined. >> reporter: this doctor
5:53 am
specializes in from mane critical care and noticed unique injury patterns in reclining seat accidents. >> you can impact the chest and head injuries and the spine. and then the severe injuries to the leg come from sliding forward though the dashboard. >> reporter: she was so concerned she examined data around the nation to determine whether what she was seeing was a widespread problem. results are startling. >> we found that driving in that position significantly increases your risk of mortality in a car crash. >> reporter: partially reclined passengers involved in an accident increase their risk by 15%. fully reclined passengers increase their risk by 70%. >> air bags and seat belts are less effective. >> reporter: most manuals warn that reclining a seat in a vehicle can result in a serious injury if there is a crash. >> please, when you get in a car, i beg you, please do not recline your seat. >> reporter: anita brickman, 9 news now.
5:54 am
>> some safety groups want more than warnings in car manuals about reclining passenger seats. they'd like to see warnings on vehicle visiers or dashboards like you see for air bags. ever wish you could take back text message that you have already sent? details coming up. and in 11 minute the new way scammers are targeting you at the atm. learn to protect yourself. in the examiner, some political analysts are scratching their heads over bob ehrlich's choice over a running mate. and the dc transportation director is accusing the feds of trying to derail dc streetcar funding. and check out the guide to the 4th of july fireworks display unless the area. these story and more in the examiner. we'll be right back. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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[ female announcer ] new gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. what if there were a way to have messages self destruct and disappear? one company says they have the answer. >> reporter: it seems innocent enough. dash off a quick text and send it on its way. >> people tend to let their guard down, and put things in
5:58 am
text messages that they oh wise wouldn't put in a regular e- mail. >> reporter: but texts live forever, not just on your phone but on your wireless carrier's server and they could be used against you. an e-forensics expert and his job is to recover old text for use in court cases. >> we are able to analyze the data and look at e-mail and text messages and the con text, the date and time things were sent. >> reporter: a new company called tiger text says they have created a way to keep them private. >> it can't be copied or forwarded and it can't be saved. >> reporter: send a text and it bypasses your cell phone carrier and goes from your phone to tiger text and on to the recipient. both parties must have the free application down loaded on their phone. each message has a time stamp and the sender controls how long it stays around. >> when the time runs out it deletes and pulls off the phone, the server and the on the it is sen from. >> reporter: the company says
5:59 am
they over-- overwright their servers con stanley so they don't have a copy of the message either. some say the technology could be used to harass or bully. >> if parents want to report it or police have to get involved there's no record of who sent that message. it is giving them license to cyberbully, to spread rumors. >> reporter: but tiger text stresses the positive applications and says the bomb line is that texters need to be responsible for their actions. we thank you for starting your morning with us and watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here. he has the forecast. another good day. >> yeah, tgif, everybody and thank goodness it is friday. great weather for you to finish off


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